Coming from Porto, should follow the motorway A1 direction Lisbon, leaving to the A25 (exit 7) towards Vilar Formoso and Celorico da Beira (exit 24) take the EN 102/IP2 going to Trancoso / enter the EN 226, direction Palhais / Benvende.

Coming from Lisbon, will take the Motorway A1 towards Porto. After 90 Km exit for the A23 (Abrantes / Torres Novas) and follow to the Guard, then - take the A25 (towards Aveiro) to Celorico Beira. To EN 102/IP2 Exit (Exit 25) and follow until Trancoso / enter the EN 226 direction Palhais / Benvende.

From Madrid, take the A6 direction Coruña. Then take the AP-6 and then the PA-51 towards Avila. Exit of the PA-51 to N-110 and N-501. Take the A62 direction to Portugal Vilar Formoso. Enter the A25 until exit 25 Celorico area of Beira to EN 102/IP2 towards Trancoso / enter the EN 226 direction Palhais / Benvende.

Trancoso / Benvende is also served by two railway stations: the station of Vila Franca of Spacecraft and station of the Beira Celorico - two stops in the fast intercity train.
Daily moving public transport, including buses that connect the various localities Trancoso.

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