As one of the counties constituting the district of Guarda, Trancoso, is located near the right bank of the Rio Távora, a plateau about 900m above sea level, occupying, with its farming and grazing, the whole sub-region's agricultural called Low-CoA.

     Bordering with the following counties: Pinhel - the source to the south - Celorico Beira, north - Mêda, northwest - Penedono the southwest - the Algodres ovens, and the west - Aguiar da Beira, the region of Trancoso is also enriched: on the one hand, the existence of various sectors of industry and trade, and secondly, a large heritage building - and had long ranked as the highest national interest and tourism.

     It is also of relevance, signaling the secular tradition of the parish and genuine Palhais / Benvende, referring to its traditional crafts, with special attention to their valuable and much appreciated weaving, lace and embroidery.

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